Dr. Warner is thorough and really cares about what is causing my pain so we can fix it. I appreciate him and his office staff for being so attentive to my chiropractic needs!
-Brittany K.

Dr. Tim has been serving our family for over a year and we have been greatly impressed with his professionalism and quality of service. We’ve seen many chiropractors over the years but Tim & Erica are the top.
-John S.

You pay for amazing customer service and quality results! I came walking on a cane with nonstop failed results, and within weeks(not months) upright,no cane, back to normal! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
-Sorina W.

Dr. Warner has helped me recover from my excruciating back pain and guiding me to a stronger back! They’re always willing to help and work with me. I am grateful to know them!
-Joy B.

While I get adjusted regularly by Dr Warner, I had my first dry needling session 3 weeks ago because of severe elbow tendinitis that I have had for months. I have had 3 total and feel so much better. Yes he’s professional, friendly, skillful, etc. all those things you need in a Chiro, he is! I am a Chiro. too, I trust him with my back, so should you.
-Chuck T.

I had a terrible break of my humerus. (Sounds funny, was not..) Dr. Warner is a true healer. He did what was required to get me healthy again. He knows what he’s doing, and has intuition and intelligence. I’ve seen a good number of chiropractors in my days, and Dr. Warner is fantastic.
-Scott P.