The amazing LipoMelt technology has arrived at Warner Injury & Chiropractic Center!

Using the power of LED light therapy, LipoMelt is the natural and healthy way to inch loss on the waist, hips, thighs, upper legs and arms.

Finally, fat melting and skin tightening together.

Available starting March 19th!

Many of you may already know that Dr. Warner has been researching the absolute best in fat melting light technology to offer to his patients. He have found the most advanced unit and it is on the way! On March 19th, we will be adding the availability of LipoMelt.

LipoMelt allows a combination of fat melting and skin tightening technology together to address those “problem areas” in our weight loss journey. Many of us have a couple of “trouble” spots on our body that are resistant to losing fat. While it is possible to lose those stubborn areas through drastic changes in food and exercise routines, it often results in us looking too gaunt and thin everywhere else. This is the perfect solution. The unit will be used for targeted fat loss and tightening of trouble areas. It is the non-invasive, safe and effective alternative to invasive procedures like lipo-suction and cool sculpting.

Get 50% off

Introductory Offer, 4 weeks only!
Starting March 19th, to introduce this amazing technology to our clients we are offering 50% off treatments for 4 weeks only. This is an introductory offer only and sessions must be purchased between March 19th and April 20th.

Call us now to book your appointments for this introductory offer!

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For three weeks, prices will be 50% off of these listed prices.

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