Being in an auto accident can be a very scary thing especially when you are in pain and don’t know where to go or how it will be paid for. Here at Warner Wellness we can help you navigate through the mess of claims adjusters and medical questionnaire forms. We know that your pain may also affect your work and we are skilled in both FLMA and short & long-term medical release paperwork. We work directly with the responsible party’s insurance or even your attorney if you choose to get one.

Our providers believe that working collaboratively together as a team is the key to your successful and speedy recovery. As well as doing his own dry needling (link this to the explanation under the chiro tab for dry needling) and having massage available for his patients Dr. Tim Warner also works closely with other providers in the downtown area to get you the care you need, whether it be physical therapy, pain specialists or advanced post-concussive diagnostic studies.

Soft tissue injuries as a result of a car accident can be initially delayed. This means that you can start feeling pain sometimes 2-4 weeks after the incident. Headaches, mood swings, irritability, muscle twitching, light-headedness, dizziness and sleeplessness are all signs that your body has suffered an injury and is trying to compensate.

The most crucial healing period for a soft tissue injury is 72 hours after the injury. This is why getting treatment as soon as possible after the accident will enable your body to heal correctly the first time, making for a more rapid recovery.